yeah, this is still hapening

3 weeks ago, Kayla (who had already had a cough for weeks) came back from her bf’s for a few days, increasingly cough-y. After coming into the tiny kitchen where I was putting away dishes and having the gall to breathe, as she went back to her room she mentioned she had a 100+ fever. Thankfully, the next day when she lost her voice entirely, she went and got checked out, and it turned out it’s ‘just’ mono. Phew. Kept going in to work just enough to feed the animals.
2 weeks ago, the library cookbook usually-potluck group met via the internet. Nice to chat with folk about their foods, but sad not to actually get to try them. We’re doing it again tomorrow, but I’d gone to the supermarket with a shopping list for a recipe from the selected book and then not been able to find pork chops, so…guess I’ll just be eating whatever. (This! Even with vegan chorizo, still extremely greasy=/) Kept going in to feed the animals, nothing in particular other than that.
This past week, we went back to work like “normal”. Monday there was a program dept/marketing/director internet meeting where we canceled all programs through at least 6/22, and the summer camps that would have been in July as well. I don’t think we could have kept kids apart, masked, and still doing the types of activities we normally do, so it’s a relief. I did come up with one useful idea for future nature hikes the naturalists do, as they had apparently not considered the ear pieces we got last year for biking, where one’s got a mic and the rest are just a single headphone, so the leader can be heard even spaced out a bit through (in this case) the woods. Because we’d basically not been in for a month, we were(/are) behind in garden and field prep – ideally you get your hay planted before 5/1, and it was only 5/4 I even picked up the seed! The garden was pretty wildly lush with…weeds.
All through the winter animals had been eating holes through the schoolhouse doors, trying to get inside (until some metal plates had been bolted on late in the winter). Start of this week, either a bear (there aren’t bears in the middle of cornfields) or a human finally kicked the doors in to the point I couldn’t even wedge them back into the frame. We had, a few months ago, put a trailcam facing the door to try to see what animals were eating their way through, and then promptly forgotten about it, so I went out to check the camera and see if it caught our door-breaker. Instead, apparently a squirrel or something had eaten a hole through the plastic casing of the camera, meaning when I brought it back into the house it dumped rain/battery-rust water on me, and released a huge spider that’s still somewhere in the house. Frig. Nothing new recorded in a month+, presumably since when the water fried the insides. So that’s frustrating.

The crabapples near the schoolhouse are the first of the trees we planted last year to flower.

Thursday some farm equipment we’re going to borrow from Chris started getting moved in, but with too small a trailer so that’s going to have to continue tomorrow. I reached out to some government-related vet folk and started the paperwork we’ll need for sheep ear tags, for the lambs I want to have next year. Wind up learning about all manner of new junk in this job!
Friday I tackled the concrete circle that used to be a silo base but was at that point a weed patch, hoeing it so it can once again be a little sunflower seed stand this year. The chickens were happy to take care of some of the weeds for me.
Yesterday I…ordered plant furniture? Gonna get my row of flower pots off the floor, but I think it’s going to mean never shutting the patio door blinds again, so then I’ll need even more plants, to build myself a green privacy wall sorta sitch? We’ll see!

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