shoulda built an ark

Monday Chris and John had to move everything out of the implement barn, because the operations department were coming to concrete the floor. Before that, though, they spent the whole day lowering the level of gravel so that there can be a few inches of concrete and still have it at the right level… Chris and John moved all the implements to other barns or the parking lot and we tarped the stuff outside, as it’s going to have to sit for a month while the concrete cures. Went to OT at the end of the day, where she took some measurements, and I met all the goals she’d set at the start except one, and that one was close, so…nice.

extra crowded in the main barn


Tuesday we had Search guys out for the first time since the start of covid. 3 of them shoveled gravel out of one of the small rooms on the implement barn (where the machinery the operations guys used the day before won’t fit), and the other 3 helped weed and dump corn into the corn sheller – we shelled about half the corn that we grew last year using a ~1940 sheller. video!

That afternoon was the museum finance committee meeting (BORING) and then the park district board met at the farm at the end of the day.

put your phone here to take a picture

the view of your picture, which will change with the seasons and be looped into a video

Wednesday I made videos for the corn shelling and a recipe video for the dessert I’d made the board, and managed to ruin the operations guys’ plans to get out of Thursday’s staff lunch. Whoops.

Thursday first thing Chris took the shelled corn to the mill. Paul and I went out to inspect the hives, which…uh, I think both of them maybe lots their queens? Not good. Not good at all. The Friends of the Park District group did their yearly (except last year) lunch for the whole park district staff, which was fun – good to see people we haven’t seen in 100 years. Went from there to the hand doctor, who said I’m lucky how well things have been healing, then to OT for more stretches. Apparently at ~6 weeks there’s not much more scar formation, so we can work just on softening. That evening was the museum board meeting, and I made clear that if we’re ever going to have a retreat to make a new strategic plan, we need to plan the meeting for the plan, because my schedule fills up early.

Friday I spent too much time sending emails to request donations to the museum’s silent auction. Bleh.

Saturday Heather texted me a picture of the sheep’s loafing shed, full-up with mud water. Chris and I ran in and ended up shoving the pigs into the smaller pen in the barn, so we could get the sheep back inside, which took cutting some metal chain links on gates that wouldn’t open and A LOT of shlurping around in mud. That evening Drew let me know about a ‘secret show’ he was playing at someone’s house, and there were a lot of dogs, so… good concert in my books.


climate refugees

one of the dogs was named Applesauce but actually I think maybe not this one?? dunno

Today I went for a bit of a bike ride, then watched the end of the tour. Chris and John called me in the afternoon to discuss the coming week, and their worry that the 2 weeks of constant rain may have made the wheat actually harmful to consume, which would suuuuuuck. If it looks like it’s even dry enough that we can thrash it next weekend, I’ll take some to the local grain elevator where I guess they can test for whatever it is that makes it toxic. Fingers crossed, but not super optimistic – some of it’s already sprouted several inches, growing still on the stalk! Friggin’ rain!!

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