Good few days for pets

Monday I spoke with the butchers (…multiple times, we had questions!). While I was on the phone with them the first time, it was kind of noisy in the office, and John shouted at me to ask if we should cut off the feet before we dropped them off. I couldn’t decide if he was working on becoming a mass murderer, or it was some dumb hazing thing to get me to ask a dumb question, so I just didn’t ask that. Turns out, though, he wanted me to ask if we should cut off their feed before bringing them over, which…ok reasonable question, did ask later. Ordered some number of pounds of a few types of sausage, “all the bacon you can get”, and the rest in brats. That afternoon we picked and donated 80+ pounds of beets and kale to the Brown Bag Food Project.

Tuesday we had Search guys out and got them to sand down the birdhouse gourds we had grown last year and left to cure in a loft in the barn. We drilled holes in them, scraped out the remaining dried out guts, and then put a layer of primer on them, prior to a program in a week where kids will paint them. That afternoon we loaded the pigs up on a trailer and Chris took them down to the butcher.

Operations still pouring concrete in the new barn.

Checking that the mow crew had done something about the huge amount of weeds around the trees since we removed the fences around them the week before.

The sweet corn isn’t doing great because of all the rain.

The Jimmy Red is doing just fine though!

Wednesday John and I spent most of the morning moving equipment around, including putting some things in the now-empty pig pens, because we still need stuff out of the implement barn, and rain was coming. While we were doing that, I finally successfully started his ’37 John Deere A (and turned it off) for the first time. That afternoon my Alz group came out and we spent like an hour and a half touring the grounds, then Zeb and I went to check how the hives were doing with the empty frames Paul and I put in last week – one hive had a few signs of eggs, the other didn’t, so Zeb will check again this coming week and then, as needed, try to order (a) new queen(s).

sponge sweatband selfie before putting on the bee keeping hat – so hotttt

Thursday a lady who had called a few weeks before to schedule a tour came with her husband – they were down from Michigan and staying at Sauder Village, a much bigger living history place, but wanted to drive most of an hour to see us. Except she got to the parking lot and called me and was like “uuuh this wasn’t the place we were picturing, actually, but we’ll do the tour?” So that was awkward, but in the end they did have a good tour… We had Search guys out that day too, and after weeding I had them move a bunch of dirt from a pile we had into the wallows the pigs had dug, because those were going to hold the water in them for weeks(?) more, and we don’t need to encourage mosquito breeding like that! I left after a half day, and drove to the Chicago burbs, where I stayed with my law school classmate Neal. We had dinner with Manda, my first grade best friend.

Friday by 4:30 I was on the road, 16 hours to Gould, Colorado. PRETTY BORING. ~20 miles before getting there, you had to drive past a road closed sign blocking half the road, which was intimidating, and when I got to the address it was a place with all cabins (as expected) but the office was closed and there was 0 cell reception in the area, so I spent a bit thinking I might have to sleep in my car, but I went back up the road to the bar I’d passed, since that’s where the wedding was going to be the next day, and (as hoped) Kelly was there. PHEW! Turns out she’d actually arranged for me to stay in one of the much nicer (=has a bathroom) cabins up where the bar was anyway. Hooray!

boo hiss

Saturday I got close enough to the bar for my phone to somewhat get on the bad internet, which allowed me to call the butchers (and only get dropped once) and pay for the pork…except, whether because it was an unusual (and large) purchase or because I had just left a trail of gas purchases across the midwest/west, it got declined twice before I saw a text from them and confirmed I was purchasing it, then called back to say try a third time… Awkward.
Speaking of awkward, that afternoon at Kelly’s wedding she started her vows by thanking me for not dating Ian when she’d tried to set us up, or she wouldn’t be there marrying him. Yep no prob bob.
This morning I hit the road again, taking the long way because of some closed tiny valley pass, to the Denver airport to grab dad. We got to Mat’s, and went for a “hike” with his dogs. Considering one dog is ~16 and another (a recent rescue) is still recovering from being so matted he couldn’t use his back legs and they atrophied… we didn’t go too hard, but dad and I aren’t used to altitude so, uh, we’ll call it good. Sure.

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