how corny

Last Monday I dealt with the fact that Amazon was trying to screw me (or UPS?) over on shipping labels to return the not-canning-suitable canning jars I was returning, then Ben and I went on a road trip to buy more corn (and a $1 succulent), pick up brats at the park where we stashed new freezers (to see how long it will take to thaw the ~13.5 pound bags), and got animal feed. I got the first canner-load of corn prepped for the next day.

Freezer of just brats!

New plant!

Tuesday was another corn day, plus baking a cake for the board meeting that evening. We had Search guys out and went through another 10 gallons of primer on the new barn + the loafing shed – originally based just on square footage it was supposed to be 10 total, but that afternoon I ordered the 5th 5 gallon bucket. Hopefully at least we’ll wind up right on the red paint, now that the sponge-wood is full-up on primer… The board meeting that afternevening was held at the house of some people who are donating their massive property to become a new park after their passing. …in the bazillion-degree garage. So it was also the fastest board meeting I’ve ever been to, as everyone was sweating and the board was MOTIVATED.

Wednesday some volunteers came out and helped me prep the next few loads of corn – they both have better/faster knife skills than me! John went to go pick some stuff up and noticed that the farm truck was running hot – turns out that the water pump was dead, or something. Very glad he noticed when he was at HQ anyway, rather than the truck just dropping dead back on Monday when we were 35 minutes away getting corn…  My Alzheimer’s group met that afternoon, and gained another couple, which was nice! They had both grown up with some livestock, so liked the farm, and everyone seemed to enjoy making felted soap, which was the project I had for the month. That evening I went to the initial volunteer training for Cycling Without Age, a tiny (for the Toledo branch anyway) organization that gives people who are no longer able to bike rides in a ‘trishaw’, an ebike trike with a seat big enough for 2 (small people) in the front. The turning radius is huge, which makes even the lowest level of e-assist feel like too much on a sharp turn, but it’s a nifty thing.

Thursday was…more corn. Of course. At this point it became clear that it had been A Mistake to not be taking the trash out every day, while working with food, as the house had become a fly-ridden hellpit. Eric from Stewardship came out and cooked the giant bag of brats (13.5 pounds turned out to be 50 brats), and people from all the departments came to eat on the porch or take lunch to go. Because I’m going to be out of town until right before the next finance committee meeting for the museum (and was too busy with corn to leave) Holly, the curator, and Kellie, the director, came up to the farm to talk about how we’re going to try to convince to board to actually approve just buying the dang shelves Holly needs. I was able to put some of the semi-confusing stuff in ways that finally made it comprehensible for Kellie, so…that has us in a better position, and she’ll hopefully now be able to explain it to the rest of folk. At the end of the day I went back to the hand specialist guy one more time so he could check the injury. He was real pleased how it’d healed.

Friday I did the remainder of the corn, and Alyssa started experimenting with fly traps.

Saturday my friend Joy came up from Findlay to this event happening in town, Rally BG or something. It was listed as going from 11am-9pm, with food trucks and some games all day, and more of the events starting at 4pm. Joy wanted belated birthday cupcakes, and the cupcake truck listed on the website had some really delicious sounding flavors. We wanted to go early, before they sold out, but wound up getting there before they even showed up, if they ever did. It was a bazillion degrees with basically no shade, so we got froyo and chatted a while, but then got the hell out of there.

Sunday I went to the park where they were doing Cycling Without Age rides and did the end of my volunteer training, actually getting and then giving a ride around the park, to see how the bike feels in “the wild”. It’s nifty. I think it’ll be a good thing to do!

Yesterday was a lotta running around trying to get stuff ready for me to be gone/talking to Chris who had himself just been gone two weeks. What a mess. I picked one soybean plant to see if the sheep actually liked it – they very much did! The house is still full of flies, but Alyssa’s traps had also caught tons…very gross.

The nodules on the roots have a bacteria that allows them to fix nitrogen out of the air, so they help enrich the soil.

Today has been errands – new license, new parking permit, etc. etc.

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