Thursday 2 weeks ago I was off work, just did boring things like spend too much money on my car. The Friday I had a half day, and…Idk, did something I guess.

Buncha donated blacksmith stuff was moved in Thursday while I was out

Last Saturday I had a Depression-era Concert at the farm, two local musicians played music from the 1930s, same guys that played last year as well. The music was good, the turnout was not.

Sunday was the Irish Hills ride, which goes up into Michigan.

Monday the guys finished prepping the soil in the new wheat field, then planted the wheat. I ordered all the various food servicey stuff we need for Farm Fest from GFS, who are dealing with shortages as much as anyone else, apparently, although the lady checked in with me yesterday to say she’d have all but 2 of the things I ordered, and only one of those is actually a problem… That evening I made cornbread using cornmeal we grew. The batter was pink, then the baked bread was blue, which is nifty!

Tuesday the vet came to give the sheep and goats their vaccines for the year. John worked with Search guys to use the hammer mill to chop up lots of corn cobs into bits, to use as bedding for the chicken coop, then they cleaned the coop and got the new stuff in there.

Wednesday I met with Jeff and Jim to talk about changing somethings about how we manage the equipment at the farm.

Thursday I canned this year’s sauerkraut. 36 1/2 quarts. Took most of the day, getting the boiling water back up to boiling over and over.

Friday was some more Farm Fest prep stuff, and this weekend I did noooothing. 1 week left.

4 1/3 inches of rain in 3 days – possible the wheat where here’s standing water doesn’t do amazingly.

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